Posted by: robbedlyric | April 8, 2012

Long overdue update; aka the Easter Update!

It has been far too long since I last posted! I’ve been incredibly busy with a number of projects and various exciting things have happened so this is a bit of a catch up post.

First off I’ve been busy finishing a large editing project. The Wordsworth Trust has been helping AgeUK Carlisle and Edenside prepare a series of Wordsworth inspired reminiscence workshops which have been collected together into a pack that can be used by groups all over the country. The workshops are for elderly people and with various age related illnesses such as dementia and are designed to help carers use Wordsworth’s poetry and life at Dove Cottage to stimulate memories in their own lives. AgeUK have run trial workshops and compiled a series of activities whilst the Trust has provided the materials, manuscripts and pictures included in the pack. I have edited and formatted the pack and hopefully it will be printed very shortly!

Also on my current tasks lists is preparing a Chinese language guide for the museum gallery. Hopefully if this is a success we may be able to record a Chinese guide for Dove Cottage. Chinese visitor numbers have been rapidly increasing and it will be very helpful to have a recorded guided tour.

I’ve been involved with preparing various loans to other museums alongside two of my fellow interns, MEM and EB. This has involved condition checking items to be loaned, preparing all the loan documentation and insurance, and packing the objects for transportation. We are also getting ready to change the special exhibition in our gallery.

The current exhibition, A Cumbrian Artist Rediscovered, John Smith 1749-1831 will be closing on the 15th April 2012 and the new special exhibition will be going up to open on 4th May. The new exhibition is very exciting and though it is being externally curated by John Murray there has been and will be lots for us to do. This past week I’ve been running around organising the storage of our current exhibition cases.

Me, MEM and EB have also been in charge of changing the two small display cases in the Jerwood Centre. We went for a theme of Wordsworth & Royalty given the Jubilee celebrations and our royal visit. Currently on display are a Pace Egg decorated with images of Grasmere Church and Rydal Mount and the tune of the National Anthem, Dora Wordsworth’s account of Queen Adelaide’s visit to Rydal Mount in July 1840, an Order of the Indian Empire presented to Wordsworth’s grandson, Emmeline Fisher’s verses of the National Anthem and the writing set presented to her by Queen Victoria. In pride of place in the top case is Wordsworth’s signed Oath of Allegiance which he took when he became Poet Laureate.

These were put on display in order to coincide with our visit from His Royal Highness Prince Charles on 3rdApril. Prince Charles visited Dove Cottage, walked in the garden and went to look at the Jerwood Centre which had not been opened on his last visit here. Some of the staff and one of the interns were selected to talk to the Prince. The intern was not me by the way! I was manning the shop but I did get some good pictures of Prince Charles just after the rain began to pour.

Prince Charles at the Wordsworth Trust

There will be guided tours of the Jerwood Centre, beginning 1st May 2012 at 2.30pm every day except Wednesdays when there will be a Spot of Poetry in garden behind the Museum.

My aim with this blog is to give a wide sense to future interns of the areas they can focus on so be on the lookout for guest posts from my fellow interns who are working on a variety of different projects throughout the museum!


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