Posted by: robbedlyric | February 6, 2012

Internship Induction Special

So…..this is somewhat awks. I seem to have left it a long time between posts. I’ve promised so much and given so little! Because I’ve left it so late this is now an Induction Special. Enjoy. It’s packed with health and safety!

Our first two weeks as Interns was a lot of settling in, being introduced to everyone at the trust, beginning our QCF (it’s like an NVQ but new!) and lots and lots and lots of health and safety. A necessary evil I suppose. We also got to do some fun things like transcribe some of Beatrix Potter’s letters and have a day trip to Kendal with Jeff, the Wordsworth Trust’s curator.

It took a while to get used to the layout of the museum and the adjacent Jerwood Centre building. We also had to learn how to evacuate them in an emergency which led to an incident with some very panicky interns and a very small fire door which may not have been their finest hour. However you’ll be pleased to know that come fire or flood or low flying aircraft the 2012 interns are equipped to deal with every eventuality… we are all officially “competent”.

There are many different aspects to a museum and we were introduced to the roles of education, marketing, fundraising and (in the case of the Wordsworth Trust at least) contemporary literature in the museum structure as well as some of the basics of the objects in the collection. This was to better enable us to decide what sorts of individual projects we want to work on in the coming year and on the last day of our induction we were able to discuss with Jeff what we wanted to achieve during our time here.

A highlight was, of course, our trip to Kendal. We visited several other arts and heritage institutions in the area, Abbot Hall, the Museum of Lakeland Life, the Brewery Arts Centre and Kendal Museum. This gave us an opportunity to see what else was on offer in the area as well as how other organisations work. We also got to sample tea and cake at the beautiful Castle Dairy which is one of the oldest buildings in Kendal and do some networking, making friends with Kendal Museum’s apprentice Aine Holden.

Finally on Friday the museum reopened to the public and we were officially ready to start working for the Trust. My morning was spent following tours in Dove Cottage; others manned the front desk or began project work. There were quite a few visitors taking advantage of the nice, if cold weather so I managed to follow several tours, soon I’ll have to be ready to lead one myself. Nerve-wracking!

The weekend saw snow and Grasmere is beautiful all in white. From now on all ten of us will be working slightly different schedules so we took advantage of our last day all together for a hearty Sunday lunch.

It’s been a hectic, tiring and wonderful first two weeks at Dove Cottage!



  1. It’s always good to network (and make a friend!) Keep those post coming : )

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