Posted by: robbedlyric | January 13, 2012

Lakeside Stroll

This morning I set off for a short walk around Grasmere Lake. It’s a gentle, circular walk that takes about a half an hour, although I took a flask, my camera and a book so I was out for a good hour and a half.

Setting off from Dove Cottage I turned left onto the A591 and followed the road until the pavement petered out and cut left onto the lake shore.

The footpath took me through the woods around the lake and offers some wonderful views of Grasmere Vale, the lake and the River Rothay as it runs out of Grasmere on its way to Rydal Water.

I crossed the Rothay on the foot-bridge and continued round the lake. There are plenty of benches and vantage points. Since it was a lovely day I saw lots photographers, people fishing and other walkers out and about but I imagine that this could sometimes be a quiet, peaceful little walk.

I found myself a bench with a good view and settled down for a cuppa.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     There were a family of swans, two adults and a cygnet making their way round the lake and they were kind enough to come close to me and let me take their picture. After I was done they headed off the way they came so I guess they came over just to see what I was doing!

Eventually the path veers away from the lake slightly. This part of the walk was slightly uphill and took me back out onto the road into the village and my way home. I’m not much of a walker but this was a pleasant stroll round the lake with lovely scenery and a chance to take pictures, something I’m getting much better at!


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